Villa Adrasteia

A spectacular villa near Chania in beautiful western Crete

Hellenic Tourist Board (EOT) Licence 1042K10002984501

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Out of Season

Although Crete has the longest hot season of any Mediterranean island the hot summer weather eventually begins to break down in late October, leading to a wet and often quite wild transition to the milder winter months.


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Although the mountains receive a decent amount of snow this seldom reaches the coast and frosts at sea-level are rare.

Cretans will often tell you that February is the worst month but this should be put into perspective - by mid-February the bees are buzzing, flowers are emerging and between showers the sun can be very hot.

This is a good time to explore the island, with the mountains and gorges offering a good challenge for hikers and cyclists who can look forward to a relaxing evening in front of a blazing log fire on their return to the house.

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